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Stok KangriHi! I’m Umang and I started Travelmax.in as a blog to write my travel stories. Over a period of time, I realized that I liked visiting offbeat locations & indulging in adventure experiences the most.

So, now, I focus on 3 segments of travel. Adventure, Offbeat travel and amazing experiences.

I also try & compile travel tips & Ideas. I create itineraries, list things to do, travel tips and love to suggest where to eat & enjoy the nightlife based on my own experiences. Compiling such tips & ideas allow me to help you plan your trip better and that’s what this blog is all about!

I particularly like exploring mountains and staying in homestays. When I am traveling, talking to locals and savoring local cuisine are my favorite experiences. Of course, admiring the beauty of untouched nature also overwhelms me.

Having an inclination towards trekking, I have completed several treks in the Himalayas.  Two of them were over 15,000 feet. Rupin Pass trek and Stok Kangri peak summit offered me experiences which I would never forget for a lifetime.

I have tried Solo travel. But, prefer traveling with friends, family and strangers as well!

Have fun exploring the website! Feel free to comment and ask me questions!

You can contact me at umang@travelmax.in.

Latest News:

Featured as one of India’s top travel bloggers by Traveltriangle.com

Below, I have mentioned some of my best experiences while traveling! Have a read 🙂

Cherishing the beautiful memories of Goa!

Get to know the wonderful Dudhsagar waterfall Trek

Dudhsagar Trek is one of the most popular places currently in India. Dudhsagar waterfalls are located 60 km from Panaji in the forest between Karnataka and Goa. It has four…

Experiences in Goa | 28 activities for sheer indulgence and joy!

Goa with its suitable climate and serene beaches is like being in heaven on earth. If someone is planning for a thrilling adventure or some quality time with their loved…

8 Types of People You see in a Casino

Goa is known for having the most brilliant casinos in India. Even if you are not a gambler, you can visit a casino, eat, drink, make merry and observe people…

High Altitude Treks

Exploring Gili Islands & Scuba Diving

A Blissful Scuba Diving experience – Gili Trawangan

There are two places so far that have stolen a piece of my heart, one is Edinburgh and the other Gili Trawangan. Two completely different places with starkly varying temperatures…

A love affair with shimmering oceans – Gili Meno, Indonesia

The beautiful ocean gloriously reflected the morning sunlight. Streaks of pink and orange in the sky accompany the faint sun appearing on the horizon. I shielded my eyes from the…

Sleeping on a hammock and staying at Eco Hostel – Gili Meno, Indonesia

When we were kids, we used to race with friends or cousins. The one who wins used to be overjoyed by their victory! The fact that he/she came first in…

Scuba Diving in Gili Islands – An Experience of Lifetime – (Video Inside)

“One, two…three!” My instructor yelled. With my back facing the vast ocean stretched till the horizon, I was taking deep breaths before the instructor asked us to let our body…

Soaking in the bliss of Bhutan

Here’s why you need to visit Bhutan at least once in your lifetime

We Indians might crib about how we don’t get Visa on Arrival in many countries. Especially the developed countries like UK, USA & Australia. We say how it is great…

Places to visit in Bhutan – 25 Best Picks for your Bhutan Trip

Bhutan is a land of happiness. The local folks are friendly and curious to meet travelers. The beautiful attractions in this land of Dragon adds another exciting fervor to Bhutan.…

Thimpu Handicrafts Market, Bhutan

Thimpu is the capital of the happiest country in the world, Bhutan. There is no traffic, no honking noise and no pollution. Makes Thimpu the perfect city to retire in!…

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